#BuddhistCultureWars: BuddhaBros, Alt-Right Dharma, and Snowflake Sanghas





American Buddhism, racism, racial justice, socially engaged Buddhism, right-wing Buddhism, Alt-Right Buddhism, The Culture Wars


While often associated with a liberal demographic, the increasing online visibility of rhetoric such as “snowflakes,” “politically correct,” “postmodern identity politics,” and “cultural Marxism” demonstrates the presence of right-wing sentiments and populations in American convert Buddhism. This article situates these sentiments largely as a reaction to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives in these communities. We chart this backlash across a broad right-wing spectrum that spans from “reactionary centrism” to the alt-right. We illuminate the ways in which participants both de-legitimate DEI as political rather than Buddhist and naturalize their own position as Buddhist rather than political. Next, we show how American convert Buddhist lineages have become a site of the “culture wars,” longstanding clashes between religious conservatives and progressives, that are playing out in multiple contexts across the US. Finally, we locate these reactionary right-wing forms of American Buddhism in relationship to modern and postmodern forms of global Buddhism.

Author Biography

Ann Gleig, University of Central Florida

Ann Gleig is an Associate Professor of religion and cultural studies at the University of Central Florida.


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