Society for the Study of Global Buddhism

The JGB is the current principal focus of the Society for the Study of Global Buddhism (SSGB), the umbrella organization that supports the journal and whose general goal is to more fully understand the development of Buddhism across the world.

Founded in 2021, the SSGB is a non-profit organization registered as an “association” (Verein) in Switzerland.

The aims of the Society are the following:

  • To publish academic research on the globalization of Buddhism and its transnational and transcontinental interrelatedness
  • To advance the study of the globalization of Buddhism by publishing the Journal of Global Buddhism in its regular yearly issues and thematic special issues
  • To explore further formats for our study and sharing
  • To cooperate with like-minded institutions worldwide
  • To promote open access scholarship, publishing, and exchange

We at the SSGB are working to support academically solid scholarship on the myriad forms of Buddhism in our globalized world. Since 2000, the JGB editors have expressed that work in creating and fostering the JGB, but, as our aims suggest, the journal does not exhaust our efforts or our aspirations. Fostering the goal of better understanding Buddhism and our world, we hope the SSGB has the possibility of being a principal place to which scholars and practitioners come to examine and evaluate their work and to learn from each other.

We cannot yet foresee how this site and organization will evolve, but we value its potential as a place of mutual respect and investigation in the contemporary Buddhist world, and we welcome new ideas for webinars, conferences, discussion lists, and other things yet unforeseen. Please be part of this process!