By Michel Clasquin
1st version, August 2002


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Theses and dissertations
Contributions to collective works
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If this bibliography contained only publications specifically about Buddhism in South Africa, it would be a short one indeed. The study of South African Buddhism is a very recent development. For now, the researcher who is interested in the subject will have to include in his or her set of resources more general publications on Buddhism written by South African writers and researchers, among them even detractors of Buddhism from other religious perspectives. Hidden within these one can find snippets of data, or perhaps just approaches to the topic, that help to give a more complete perspective on South African Buddhism. Such sources will be included in this bibliography until it becomes unmanageably large: after that, a more purist approach may be taken by the maintainers.

Resources in Afrikaans have been supplied with an English translation of the title for the purposes of this bibliography only. Most of these translated titles have not been approved by the respective authors and are supplied only for the convenience of readers unfamiliar with the Afrikaans language.

This bibliography covers mostly the period since 1970, when Buddhism first became a visible movement in South African society and non-polemic material started to appear in South African publications. Researchers interested in earlier views and developments should consult Wratten's (1995) thesis, which deals with the earlier period in great detail.

Please send remarks and updates to this bibliography to clasqm@unisa.ac.za



Clasquin, M & Krüger, J S 2000. Buddhism and Africa. Pretoria: Unisa.

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Kruger, J S 2001. Mindfulness meditation : an early Buddhist prescription : the [Maha-] Satipatthana Sutta. Pretoria: Aurora. This is an English translation and revised version of the same author's "Aandag, kalmte en insig" (1988).

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Theses and dissertations

Abrahams, J P 1987. Infinite possibility as a key expectation in Descartes and Buddhism. MA (Philosophy), University of the Western Cape.

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Ferreira, J 1988. Aspekte van die Judaďes-Christelike en die Boeddhistiese in die poësie van Breyten Breytenbach. PhD (Afrikaans/Nederlands), Rhodes University.(Engl: Aspects of Judeo-Christian and Buddhist traditions in the poetry of Breyten Breytenbach).

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Wilson, A P 1994.Verby subjek en objek: die psigologiese soteriologie van Vasubandhu, die Yogacarin, in die konteks van die Boeddhistiese leerontwikkeling in Indië. MA. (Religious Studies), University of South Africa. (Engl: Beyond subject and object: the psychological soteriology of Vasubandhu the Yogacarin in the context of the development of Buddhist doctrine in India).

Wratten, D 1995. Buddhism in South Africa: from textual imagination to contextual innovation. PhD (Religious Studies), University of Cape Town.

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Contributions to collective works

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Articles in academic journals

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Articles in Buddhist publications and the popular press

Anonymous, 1993. No man's land: A letter from South Africa. Tricycle: the Buddhist review. 14/4 pp 64-69.

Anonymous 2001, Boeddhiste, Taipei skenk 252 rolstoele. Beeld 28 July 2001. (Engl: Buddhists, Taipei donate 252 wheelchairs)

Anonymous, 2002. Die Boeddha agter tralies. Die Burger 28 March 2002. Reprinted in Beeld 18 May 2002. (Engl: The Buddha behind bars)

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Van Staden, A J 1988. Die Boeddhisme (9): Versoening onmoontlik. Die Hervormer 80/9, p 11 (Engl: Buddhism part 9: Reconiliation is impossible)

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Miscellaneous pamphlets, newsletters and brochures

Clasquin, M 1995. Sitting quietly in nature: the Buddhist Retreat Centre. Faith and Earthkeeping. Nr. 1. June 1995. pp. 6-7.

Clasquin, M 1996. Die Boeddhisme: 'n bekendstelling. Robertson: The Dharma Centre. (Engl: Buddhism: an introduction).

Clasquin, M 1997. Compassion on the Earth and its inhabitants. Faith and Earthkeeping. Nr. 11. December 1997. pp 4-5.

Dhammarakkhita [c 1997]. Insight in Japan. Pietermaritzburg: Myanmar Buddhist Association of South Africa.

Dharma Centre, 1994-present. Shuza. The newsletter of the Dharma Centre.

Meyer, J P [c 1999]. Very basic Buddhism. Cape Town: Rosebank Buddhist Group

Van Loon, M 1989. The Molly van Loon collection of Buddhist art. Pretoria: Unisa Art Gallery.

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Buddhist Retreat Centre: http://www.vanloon.co.za/brc/

Dharma Centre:http://home.worldonline.co.za/~dharmken/

Emoyeni Retreat Centre: http://emoyeni-retreat.com/

Lam Rim Centre: http://www.lamrim.org.uk/sa/

Myanmar Vihara: http://users.mweb.co.za/m/mb/mbasa/

Nan Hua Temple: http://www.nanhua.co.za

SA Karma Kagyu: http://www.buddhism.co.za/ or http://www.kagyu.co.za/

Soka Gakkai International - South Africa: http://www.sgi-sa.org.za/

Vajrapani Mahayana Buddhist Centre: http://www.geocities.com/vajrapani_za/centre.html

Vukani Meditation Centre: http://www.geocities.com/vukanimed/

See also Buddhanet's entry on Buddhist centres in South Africa

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Miscellaneous articles on the Web

Many of these are reprints of articles that originally appeared in the printed media. They are provided here mainly for ease of access.

Finding Buddha in Africa - reprinted from WM&G newspaper article by O'Toole (2002). See also this reprint.

The Buddha of Bronkhorstspruit

South Africa: Objects with soul

Dalai Lama kept waiting over meeting with South African president